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Anonymous asked:

Did you hear that Justin's dark chocolate pb cups are no longer vegan?! So sad...







it’s literally the worst. i’m in mourning.

also the only people who were even buying those were people who don’t/ can’t eat dairy. people who eat dairy just buy reese’s because they’re cheaper and fucking delicious to be honest, like i remember those okay- that’s why justin’s was a god-send. anyway justin’s will totally probz change it back within a few months JUST A THEORY

What the fucking hell WHYY


someone tell me please

I believe they now contain milk

I just got off the phone with Justin’s and they said the ingredients and formula have not changed: they are still vegan. They took the word vegan off of the package and added “contains milk” because it’s made on shared equipment and  they want to be sensitive to people with allergies (also see their recently updated FAQ page). They confirmed that other people are flipping out, and I told them they need to fix their packaging ASAP. So, they’re still vegan (if you trust this level of one-on-one conversation with reps from a small company, much like the way Barnivore categorizes unlabeled alcoholic products). Now go enjoy your PB cups and call them at 844-448-0302 if you want to complain about their terrible packaging.

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